“A journey of growth and development!”

ADK MARBLE is currently a top ranked marble supplier with three privately owned quarries, an ultra-modern and high technology factory, and an international sales network that is growing day by day. It is mainly an export-oriented company, currently exporting to 4 different continents.

ADK MARBLE was founded in Istanbul in 2003 as a trading company for marble and natural stone. Thanks to service quality and several participations in local and foreign marble trade fairs, it rapidly became a recognizable company in the stone industry and it has been exporting almost for 20 years with its high production capacity.

We are on a journey of growth and development, that leans on our greatest assets: our brand image, financial strength, global network, and the strong commitment of the team.

In 2007, ADK MARBLE started operating its first travertine quarry in Mersin, which allowed it to develop a respectable expertise in quarrying and stone extraction. Along with the blocks sales, ADK MARBLE was processing its own blocks to tiles and slabs. The final goods have been exported for the projects in different countries such as Spain, Brazil and Indonesia and more. In 2009, following the market trend, as the beige marble became the new preference globally, ADK marble invested in a new beige quarry, EMPIRE BEIGE ® registered trademark of ADK marble, also known as Ottoman beige in Igirdir, Isparta. This material became and continues to be a very popular material in the far east countries.

ADK MARBLE made a strategic decision in order to be able to meet its customers’ increasing demands and established its own marble factory.

ADK MARBLE FACTORY became one of the most ultra-modern and high technology factories in Turkey for slabs and tiles production when a heavy investment in both machineries and human resources.

Equipped with fully automated Italian machines and managed by experienced Turkish competencies which makes it able to handle big scaled commercial and residential projects.

In 2017, ADK MARBLE, invested in 2 new marble quarries, Grey marble quarry; following the trend as grey materials started becoming more and more popular and Classic Beige marble quarry, to fulfill the continuous demands of its customers for beige materials.

Through the years, we are proud to have supplied materials for several prestigious national and international projects, all over the world.


-To become the leading marble company in Turkey and eventually in the region,
by consistently delivering materials for projects that meet international standards.

-Creating a strong brand identity for our products, we are not only producing marble in our factory, but we are also aiming to make a BRAND out of it, we don’t settle for standard production norms and quality.



-To operate in the stone industry from the quarrying up to the finished transformed product in a safe, sustainable, and reliable manner.

-To meet our customers’ needs, offering them the ultimate marble solution for their projects, in terms of colors, quantity and quality.

-With the 19 years of experience and knowledge in stone industry, we aim to remain a supplier of choice for our customers.

-Building strong, permanent and reliable relationships with our customers while meeting the international standards of the stone industry.


Our passionate and highly educated team members represent the prestigious product that we offer. Our team and culture are greatest assets of us. At ADK, we hire highly educated people with experience, passion and competitive to make a difference.

ADK MARBLE team consists of a unique combination of different cultures, academic and professional backgrounds. This cultural diversity enables our staff to develop unique skills for better understanding the needs of each customer and market. Thus, we can provide a service that always improves itself, is open to creative ideas, and continually stay updated technological improvements.

We know how important communication is when dealing with our customers. In order to better serve them and understand their needs, our team have an understanding about customer-oriented approach. Materials which are using in production process and our products have high quality. We make sure that final goods of us are excellent because we do not spare from any expenses.