ADK Marble gives prime importance to loading and lashing services, so that the goods are perfectly secured from any breakage or damage that may be encountered while being transported to the final destination.

Our marble Slabs are packed in wooden bundles having IPPC certification in accordance with International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). As we are close to Antalya port, we make sure to bring the container to our factory so that the lashing process is assured and secured properly. Our experienced staff, with their specialized techniques and knowledge, guarantee that the goods will be totally safeguarded and protected.

Our goal is to ensure a safe loading for the goods we are shipping to our customers, we would like to deliver the materials as in the same condition as they inspected in our stockyard. We proudly announce that hundreds of containers have been achieved to safely delivered since our factory started operating.

As a result, we pack every product of us, because customer satisfaction is crucial issue for ADK MARBLE. Packaging protects the products from dirt and beats. In addition to this, if customers want to keep these products in their warehouses, they can keep it cleanly.