Marble is founded in nature; therefore, this is its real home and it is very sustainable. In addition to this, marble’s durable, affordable, recyclable and natural structure makes it earth friendly material and it doesn’t need any manufacturing.

We take our responsibility to the natural world seriously, and continually strive to reduce our impact on the environment throughout our processes. Because one of the aims of us is making positive contributions to society. ADK Marble creates sustainable co-existence with the global environment.

One of our biggest responsibilities is to provide maximum benefit to the Turkey's economy as ADK Marble. 35% of the world's marble resources are located in our country, and according to Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association, we are in the first place in the world's natural stone exports. The fact that natural stone sales are so high in Turkey's export ranking reveals importance of the marble industry in the country's economy. As ADK Marble, we create employment for 57 people in the marble sector and contribute to the growth of the economy as an export company.