Marble Care and Cleaning

Marble is an elegant and durable option among natural stone materials and has a wide range of uses from homes to commercial areas. Marble, used both indoors and outdoors, is preferred for its aesthetic appearance and durability. However, despite its resistance to environmental impacts, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain its long-lasting and aesthetic appearance.

It is important to regularly dust off the marble surface. Dust accumulation can reduce the natural shine of marble and dull the surface. For this, it is recommended to use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Hard cleaning materials or sponges can scratch the marble surface.

For cleaning liquid stains, a mild cleaner or soapy water can be used. However, acidic or abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided. Acidic substances like lemon juice can disrupt the natural structure of marble and cause stains to deepen.

To increase the sealing property of marble, a natural stone sealant should be applied at regular intervals. This process closes the pores of the marble and creates a protective barrier against stains. Natural stone sealants are usually sprayed onto the marble surface and spread with a cloth. This process extends the life of the marble and facilitates cleaning processes.

Protection from temperature and humidity, especially on marble floors or countertops, is important. Hot plates or liquids should not be placed directly on the marble surface and a coaster should always be used. In addition, high levels of humidity can cause stains on marble and damage it in the long term. Therefore, it is important to regularly dry and ventilate marble surfaces.

It is best to get professional help to clean or repair deep stains or cracks. Experts can effectively carry out cleaning and repair processes while preserving the natural structure of marble. Professional cleaning and maintenance services ensure the longevity of marble surfaces and preserve their aesthetic appearance.

Finally, you can maintain the natural shine of the marble surface by regularly polishing it. However, a special marble polish or protector should be used for the polishing process.


Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to maintain the long-lasting and aesthetic appearance of marble. In this way, you can preserve the natural beauty and elegance of marble for many years.